GCE: An International Forum on the new energies for the competitive and sustainable development of the city

Sustainable development and “green” energies for the medium-sized cities. These are the topics which will be tackled by the political decision-makers, the members of the world of the research and of the industry, during the Green City Energy.

Greencityenergy is the International Forum about the new energies for the competitive and sustainable development of the cities. The event is structured in two stages: a discussion platform (THINK TANK, 18th – 19th December 2009) in order to outline the development strategies for the cities, and an International Forum, on 1st – 2nd – 3rd July 2010, during which the thematics arisen in December will be thoroughly elaborated, with particular attention to the technologies and the Italian and international best practises.

The medium-sized cities in Italy and in Europe are the ideal lab for the implementation of politics and technologies aimed at improving the urban context and the life of the citizen. From this point of view, Pisa and its surrounding area are in the lead at European level, thanks to their scientific activities, developed in its research and higher education centres, and also for the cooperation with the primary, international, industrial reality, and for the capability of developing legislation and innovative, urbanistic tools in terms of sustainable development. With Green City Energy, Pisa aims at becoming a focal and comparison point in the years to come, with regards to the topics of the green energies and of the sustainability for the Italian and the European, medium-sized cities. During the first phase in December 2009, Green City Energy will call the main expert with regards to the following thematics:

    • Zero impact new energies for the city: best international practices and emerging models
    • The role of the public offices in the promotion and the ruling of the innovations in the sector of the energies of the urban areas.
    • The applied research for the development of the new green technologies
    • Green economy and competitiveness of the territories: competitive profile of the new green markets, and strategies of cooperation between the public and the private sector
      During the international Forum of 1st – 2nd -3rd July, the focus will be on:


      • Energy efficiency and sustainable building trade
      • Plans and projects for the production of green energies in the city
      • Sustainable mobility: new systems and PZEV cars for the green city
      • Development of the productive and environment sustainability areas: the APEA
      • Scientific research for the development of green economy projects


      Organized by ClickUtility, Green City Energy is promoted by the Comune di Pisa, Provincia di Pisa and Regione Toscana.